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All Fiat Lateral and Renault FB/MK1 ramp parts are due to be phased out by the end of 2024. Until then we have limited stock availability.

Body Parts & Steps

Roof Dome Vent Cover - 500 x 350
Roof Dome Vent Cover - 500 x 500
Roof Hatch Mechanism - 500 X 350
Mercedes Glass Roof Top Hatch 475 X 475
Rear Roof Light Pod Fiat Ducato
Mercedes Dark Tinted Glass Side Window - 1045mm x 384mm
StayCo ZM600i Manual Side Step (Renault/Peugeot)
Ducato Box Body 3-Way Top Rail Corner Cap - Fiat/Stellantis Variants
Ducato Box Body Side Step Ball Joint - Fiat/Stellantis Variants

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