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All Fiat Lateral and Renault FB/MK1 ramp parts are due to be phased out by the end of 2024. Until then we have limited stock availability.

Ramps, Floor-Pans & Associated Parts

Tail Lift Socket and Pins
Chassis End Cap Internal Fitting
AP Access RD21 Ambulance Ramp Carcass (No Drive-Gear) - Fiat/Stellantis Variants
Ramp Side Marker Stickers Fiat
Complete Ramp Grip Tape Kits Fiat
Gear-Drive "Active" P-Plate (with Boss) Fiat
Complete "Passive" Drive Gear Unit Fiat
Complete "Passive" Drive Gear Unit - Refurbished (AP100 Ramp - Fiat/Stellantis Variants)**
Complete Drive-Gear Unit "Active" Side - Refurbished Chain Drive (AP100 Ramp - Fiat/Stellantis Variants)**

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